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LL.M. Career Guide (PDF) -- Updated March 2014
We highly encourage you to actively utilize this LL.M. Career Guide which has been prepared to give you an overview of the U.S. legal job market for LL.M. students.  This guide also provides some basic guidelines on career-related issues such as resume and cover letter writing skills. 

Presentation Slides from August 2103's "An Overview of the U.S. Legal Job Market and Career Development Services for LL.M.s and J.S.D.s."

LL.M. Art of Interviewing Workshop Presentation Slides (pdf) (November 2012) 

LL.M. Resume Writing Workshop Presentation Slides (pdf) (Sept 2012)

Sample LL.M. Resume

LL.M. Resume Self-Critique

Sample LL.M. Cover Letter Outline

Sample LL.M. Cover Letter

Sample LL.M. List of References

Webcast:  Cover Letter Workshop - February 13, 2013

CDO attorney-counselor, Sarah Cunniff, with extensive private sector experience in a variety of practice settings (law firms and legal department of a big corporation), discusses cover letter blunders commonly made by foreign attorneys (and some JDs as well) and addresses student questions.