Meet Our Students

With one of the most diverse and distinguished advanced law degree programs in the United States, Berkeley Law attracts some of the world’s most talented and promising legal minds every year.  Berkeley Law's LL.M. graduates collectively represent over 60 countries, reflecting the program’s tremendous international appeal. 


Adil Bandial
Lahore, Pakistan
Class of 2011


“As an LL.M student at Berkeley Law, you are part of a bigger family where each member shares a passion for learning and a unique perspective. Working in this culture is extremely empowering.” 


Marta Ligia Garcia
Bogotá, Colombia
Class of 2012

“The Professional LL.M. program was especially suited for my situation, allowing me to learn the American legal system with the most outstanding faculty in one of the best universities in the world, without interrupting my professional career. I can say with confidence that it has been the most enriching experience in my life.”


Elena Geveling
Moscow, Russia
Class of 2011   

“Being a world-class lawyer requires a world-class education, and an LL.M. degree from a leading School of Law such as Berkeley opens doors to achieving heights in the field of international law.”

Beatriz Veiga Carvalho
São Paulo, Brazil
Class of 2010

“The Professional LL.M. program at Berkeley Law is really unique. The possibility of earning an LL.M. degree without having to put my career completely on hold was one of the best advantages. In addition, Berkeley Law created a program that is really focused on the needs of LL.M. students: learning the basics of US Law and also having the opportunity of deepening our knowledge in specific areas, such as IP and corporations.”


Matteo Mazzoni
Bologna, Italy 
Class of 2011

“Get ready for one of the most exciting and intense experiences of your life. As you will hear almost everywhere around campus, people don’t sleep much here.”


Mariela Angeles
Lima, Peru
Class of 2010

“In addition to the great curriculum at Berkeley Law, the quality and accessibility of the professors has impressed me greatly. They are always available and willing to help students after class.”