275.7 - Intellectual Property Scholarship Seminar

Instructors: Pamela Samuelson and Suzanne Scotchmer
Meeting Time: Tuesday 2:20 - 4:10
Meeting Location: Boalt 145

This seminar will provide an opportunity for students to hear and engage with scholars of intellectual property law as they present current works in progress. Students will be expected to submit written reactions to some of the papers presented during the seminar and to take responsibility for leading discussions as to at least one of the papers. This seminar will be especially useful for those who want to deepen their knowledge of IP law, for those who want to sharpen their analytic skills, and who are interested in cutting edge research in the making.

Prerequisite: Due to delays in contruction; this course will meet in the Deans Conference room for the first week of the semester.

August 21
Pamela Samuelson
UC Berkeley School of Law

Are Patents on Interfaces Impeding Interoperability?
(download paper in pdf format)

August 28
Suzanne Scotchmer
School of Law, Economics, & Public Policy, UC Berkeley


September 4
Mark Lemley
Stanford Law School

Copying In Patent Law
(paper available in pdf format)

to be scheduled later in the semester
Jeff Lefstein
University of California, Hastings College of the Law

The Formal Structure of Patent Law and the Limits of Enablement
(paper available in pdf format)

September 18
Peter Lee
University of California, Davis

Public Norms and Private Ordering:  The Contractual Construction of a Basic Biomedical Research Commons
(paper available in pdf format)

September 25
Steven Maurer
University of California, Goldman School of Public Policy

The Economics of Synthetic Biology
(paper available in pdf format

October 9
Christopher Sprigman
University of Virginia School of Law

The Emergence of Intellectual Property Norms in Stand-Up Comedy
(paper available in pdf format)

October 16
Molly Van Houweling
UC Berkeley School of Law

Author Autonomy and Atomism in Copyright Law
(paper available in pdf format

October 23
Tony Reese
University of Texas School of Law

Are Creative Commons Licences Forever?
(paper available in pdf format)

October 30
Peter DiCola
Northwestern University School of Law

Sequential Musical Innovation and Sample Licensing
(paper available in pdf format)

November 6
William Fisher
Harvard Law School

A Prize System as a Partial Solution to the Health Crisis in the Developing World
(paper available in pdf format)

November 13
Amy Kapczynski
UC Berkeley School of Law

Implementing TRIPS in India:  A Case Study
(paper available soon) 

November 20
Margaret Taylor
Goldman School of Public Policy, UC Berkeley

Induced Technical Innovation under Cap-and-Trade Abatement Programs
(paper available in pdf format)
(supporting documents available in pdf format)