Applicants must submit official academic records showing graded course work, dates of enrollment and award of degree(s).  A certified copy of the actual degree certificate or state examination for all university and law school study is also required, if this information is not included on the academic records. These records must be sent directly from the appropriate issuing institution (either the university attended, or a government-authorized body such as the Ministry of Education).  If this is not customary for the institution where your records are held, use our Transcript Request form .  Only one set of official transcripts is required when you apply.

Official academic records are original documents issued by the academic institution(s) attended or the appropriate authorizing body; they must bear the actual signature of the institution's registrar and/or the seal of the issuing institution. Photocopies are acceptable only if certified as true copies of the original document by the university's registrar. Photocopies of the official's signature, stamp, or seal are not acceptable. All official academic records must be issued both in their original language and in English. If official records are not available in English, they must be accompanied by certified English translations.

If rank is determined by the results of comprehensive examinations, academic records should show the examination date and your scores, rank, class, and division. All records should include a description of institutional grading scales or other standards of evaluation. Official evidence of the conferral of university degrees and professional titles should indicate the exact name of the degree or title as it is known in the country of origin and not in American terms.

To submit academic records to LSAC's LLM CACredential Assembly Service, follow their instructions and have them sent directly to LSAC.  For more information on sending academic records to LSAC's LLM CAS, go to