Through research conducted by its faculty, research staff, and affiliates, Berkeley CHEFS works collaboratively on policy briefs, comprehensive reports, and original papers for wide dissemination to policy makers, researchers and policy experts, advocacy organizations, and the media.  Berkeley CHEFS' contributions to legal and policy developments also appear in the form of Congressional testimony and amicus briefs.  Research by Berkeley CHEFS' faculty and affiliates is featured in professional and peer reviewed journals as well as mainstream media.  Berkeley CHEFS focuses on topics related to health security, economic security and work-family balance issues that impact workers and families in the United States.

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Health Care
Berkeley CHEFS advances research and policy solutions in the areas of health care reform and delivery system reform, with a goal of universal health care and reforms at the federal level, while supporting local and state efforts in the absence of federal action.

Family-Friendly Workplace
Berkeley CHEFS develops research-based, concrete policy proposals on how to improve family-friendly workplace policies and practices.

Economic Security
Berkeley CHEFS works to define the scope of the insecurity faced by working Americans by studying economic risks and the supports or lack of supports offered in the American workplace across the income spectrum and across the life course.