Personal Statements

Statement of Purpose and Personal Summary

Two written essays are required of all applicants. Because only a limited number of qualified applicants may be admitted each year, the Advanced Law Degree Programs Committee gives careful consideration to each applicant's essays. Each essay should be limited to no more than about two pages of double-spaced text.

For the statement of purpose, please describe your legal interests and the particular area of study you intend to undertake as an advanced law student. Indicate your professional plans following completion of your study at Berkeley Law. If your decision to pursue advanced legal study at the School of Law is based on a desire to work with particular members of the faculty or to take particular courses, please indicate the names of the faculty or the courses in your statement. (Please note: sabbaticals or other leave arrangements, as well as course scheduling changes, make it impossible to provide a definitive announcement of the availability of courses and faculty.)

For the personal summary, please provide a brief account of your personal history, with emphasis on the development of your interest in law and in the particular area of law in which you wish to pursue further study.  The personal summary should not be a text version of your c.v. or resume, but rather a short account to better acquaint the application reviewers with who you are and the life experiences you will bring to the program.