Letters of Recommendation

Letters of recommendation help us to understand the kind of a student, thinker, and person you are. They can lend valuable insight into the contribution that you will make to our community.

Obtaining letters of recommendation may sound like a simple task, especially when compared to preparing for the LSAT.  However, do not postpone this task to the last minute. Give your recommenders sufficient time to prepare and submit your letter early.  

Frequently Asked Questions

Whom should I ask to write a letter of recommendation?

We prefer that applicants submit two recommendations although up to four are accepted. They should be from academic sources who know you and your classroom work well. Ideally, the letters will provide comparative comments that distinguish you from your peers. Examples of academic sources include professors, teaching assistants, graduate student instructors, and thesis advisors. Letters from work supervisors or colleagues also are acceptable if you have been out of school for some time. Letters from family friends, famous people, or relatives are not helpful.

We do not utilize the evaluation service provided by the LSAC.

How do I inform Berkeley Law School how many letters I will send and from whom? What if that information changes?

There is a field on our application to indicate the names of your recommenders. Please notify us via email if you anticipate changes to that list after you have submitted your application.

How do I submit my letters of recommendation?

Submit your letters through the Law School Admission Council (LSAC). Your recommendations will be copied and sent to us electronically with your CAS report as part of your subscription. Follow the directions on the LSAC website to use this service.