Intellectual Property

Oasis Rights Language Technical Committee

Type: Clinical Project, Research Paper
Year: 2002

The Clinic called for the Oasis Rights Language Technical Committee to respect the limits on copyright protection in its development of a rights expression language. The document, “Supporting limits on copyright exclusivity in a rights expression language standard,” was submitted by the Clinic and the Electronic Privacy Information Center (EPIC), and outlined the balance that copyright law strikes between copyright holders’ exclusive rights and the public’s rights to view, sell, borrow, lend, and copy these works. The Clinic asserted that rights expression languages must respect this balance both in the vocabularies that they define and in their support of spontaneity in the use of digital works. Furthermore, the Clinic and EPIC argued, rights expression languages must not prevent uses of copyrighted works through means that sacrifice the privacy rights of individuals. These limitations on the copyright grant are essential to protecting the ongoing creativity that the law seeks to promote.

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