If Your Employee is Injured on the Job...

If your employee is injured on the job, please send him/her to the Tang Center/Urgent Care for prompt medical evaluation. (Or if the employee has a Personal Physician Pre-Designation form in the personnel file, they may be treated immediately by their personal medical doctor.) Call the Tang Center/Urgent Care at 2-3188 to notify them that the employee is on his/her way. They will also advise if the appropriate procedure should be with Occupational Care instead of Urgent Care. See the Workers' Compensation, Supervisor's Checklist, which includes phone numbers and important information: http://www.uhs.berkeley.edu/facstaff/dms/chap2.shtml#checklist

Acute Care (non-emergency)
Direct employee to the Tang Center (2222 Bancroft Way)

  • Urgent Care Clinic (2-3188) - including first-aid care, Monday - Friday, 8 am - 6 pm, Saturday, 9 am - 4:30 pm, closed Sundays and Holidays (see After Hours Assistance below).
  • Occupational Health Clinic (2-6891), Monday- Friday, 8 am - 5 pm, closed 12 - 1pm.

(If medical care is needed after clinic hours, please direct the employee to Alta Bates Medical Center's Emergency Room (2450 Ashby Avenue, Berkeley) or the emergency facility of his or her personal health plan)

Immediately after the employee's situation has been addressed, contact HR so that the appropriate paperwork and notifications can be generated. You will need to fill out the Employer's Report of Incident form, link found in Step 3 of the supervisor's checklist (do not give the employee this form to fill out). HR will assist you with completing this form.

Law School HR contacts:
Staff: Silvia Buzon, 2-1979, sbuzon@law.berkeley.edu

Please note: for Emergency Care (serious injury, threatening to life or limb), dial 911 or or 2-3333 for campus police. (EH&S and Disability Management Services must be immediately notified if injury results in fatality, inpatient hospitalization, loss of any body part, or possible permanent disfigurement. Contact HR for assistance.)