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Laurel Fletcher Gives Fulbright Lectures in Sri Lanka (May 2003)

Laurel Fletcher traveled to Sri Lanka in May 2003 to give a series of public lectures to medical, legal and social service professionals about the availability of HIV treatment there. The talks addressed the importance of treatment options in fulfilling human rights obligations and averting a full-blown epidemic.

Sponsored by the Fulbright Commission, the lectures helped catalyze action by the Sri Lankan government to convene a high level meeting to discuss the country's HIV/AIDS policy. East Bay Community Law Center staff attorney Manel Kappagoda also participated in the trip and gained support for a proposed HIV treatment pilot project.

The lectures are a follow up to the AIDS Lanka Project, a collaborative effort by the East Bay Community Law Center, International Human Rights Law Clinic, Samuelson Law, Technology & Public Policy Clinic, and the AIDS Coalition to advocate for increased treatment access for HIV-positive Sri Lankans.

You can download a copy of Laurel Fletcher's lecture below.