User Choices and Regret: Understanding Users' Decision Process about Consensually Acquired Spyware

Type: Research Paper
Year: 2006

Clinic Director Deirdre Mulligan along with Nathaniel Good, Jens Grossklags, David Thaw, Aaron Perzanowski, and Joseph Konstan, authored a publication discussing spyware. The paper argues that many computer users are unaware that they have installed spyware due to incomplete information. End user license agreements (EULA) are poorly designed, making it difficult for users to realize that they have installed spyware. The paper discusses the results of an experiment in which 31 computer users had to decide which software programs had spyware. The results suggested that the EULA interfaces must be improved so that users are able to make informed decisions.

“User choices and regret: Understanding users' decision process about consensually acquired spyware”, (with Nathaniel Good, Jens Grossklags, David Thaw, Aaron Perzanowski and Joseph Konstan), I/S: A Journal Of Law And Policy For The Information Society, Issue (2006).

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