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Fall 2010 Courses – Business Law and Related Subjects

Business Law

250            Business Associations **NEW** [NOTE: This course replaces Corp I & II]
250B          Corporations II [NOTE: This is the last time that Corp II will be offered]

216            Law and Economics Workshop
251.8         Accounting for Lawyers
256.80       Commercial Transactions - Sales (Article 2)
248.7         Fundamentals of Leverage Buyouts 
247.1         Capital Markets and Financial Institutions: Crisis and Regulatory Response 
250.8         Lawyers and Entrepreneurship: Business Plans
209.7         Avoiding 'Club Fed'--Ethics and Integrity in Law and Business
257.64       Corporate Governance: State of the Art Topics
255.3         Sports and the Law Seminar
257            Real Estate Transactions I
278.8         Wine Law
223            Administrative Law
256.1         Drafting Legal Documents for New Business
256.12       New Business Counseling Practicum
256.13       Advanced New Business Counseling Practicum
259A          Income Tax I
260.1         Tax Policy and Public Finance

Intellectual Property

275.3         Introduction to Intellectual Property
275.6         Intellectual Property Strategy 
276.2         Antitrust & IP
277W         Patent Law
278.31       Copyright Law 
278.9         Intellectual Property Transactions


245.2        Civil Trial Practice
246.3        Depositions
244.8        Mediation
245           Negotiations
242.8        Alternative Dispute Resolution
261.2        International Litigation and Arbitration
270.8        Energy and Cleantech Research Seminar I **NEW** 
273.4        The Law of Hazardous Waste: CERCLA, RCRA and the Common Law Claims 
263.11      Law and Business in Japan  
263.2        Business, Social Responsibility, and Human Rights **NEW**
263.7        African Legal Systems **NEW**