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Radio Frequency Identification and Privacy with Information Goods

Type: Research Paper, Presentation
Year: 2004

Clinic Director Deirdre Mulligan, Nathan Good, David Molnar, Elizabeth Miles, Laura Quilter, USC Professor Jennifer Urban, and Berkeley Professor David Wagner presented "Radio Frequency ID and Privacy with Information Goods" at the 2004 Workshop on Privacy in the Electronic Society. The paper addresses privacy impacts of using radio frequency identification (RFID) to tag goods such books and music. Consumers have certain privacy expectations when it comes to purchasing or browsing information goods, and using RFID tags can create personal privacy risks.

"Radio Frequency ID Privacy with Information Goods" (with Nathan Good, David Molnar, Jennifer M. Urban, Elizabeth Miles, Laura Quilter and David Wagner), presented at the 2004 Workshop on Privacy in the Electronic Society, also in PROCEEDINGS OF THE 2004 ACM WORKSHOP ON PRIVACY IN THE ELECTRONIC SOCIETY, Washington, DC (2004).

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