Samuelson Clinic Released Paper on "Legal Issues Facing Election Officials in an Electronic-Voting World"

Type: Research Paper
Year: 2007

As part of its continuing work on electronic voting, the Samuelson Clinic released Legal Issues Facing Election Officials in an Electronic-Voting World, an analysis of important legal issues that election officials face as they administer an election system in which electronic voting systems play an increasingly significant role. The paper, which was written by TRUST and ACCURATE research fellow Aaron Burstein, law students Stephen Dang and Galen Hancock, and Clinic Fellow Jack Lerner, examined how numerous bodies of law, contracts, policies, and technical standards affect election officials’ abilities to procure, test, administer, and provide information about voting systems. In particular, the paper seeked to provide a clearer of how copyright and trade secret law apply to information relating to voting systems; and it identified common contract language that frequently hampers election officials’ objectives.