Other Interesting Data Resources

From time to time we will add new data resources that we learn about. If you know of a data resource that you would like to share with the BELS community, please email Rosann Greenspan at rgreenspan@law.berkeley.edu

Open Secrets: This is the entry point for the Center for Responsive Politics's vast archive of money-in-politics data, downloadable for non-commercial use. Subject areas include:

  • Campaign Finance - PAC and individual contributions to, and expenditures by, Candidates, PACs and Party Committees
  • Lobbying - Clients, registrants (generally lobbying firms), lobbyists and bills lobbied
  • 527s Data - Committees, Receipts and Expenditures
  • Personal Finances - Agreements, Assets and Liabilities, Outside Compensation and Income, Honoraria and Gifts, Positions, Transactions, Travel Resource tables such as Category Codes, Expense Codes, Members of Congress, etc