The Clinic undertakes many projects aimed at maintaining a balanced copyright regime. These projects include public education, amicus brief work, and participation in technical standard setting bodies. In addition, the Clinic has completed several projects related to the Digital Millennium Copyright Act (DMCA).


Is it in the Public Domain? A Handbook for Evaluating the Copyright Status of a Work Created in the United States Between January 1, 1923 and December 31, 19772014Clinical Project, Educational Tools
Samuelson Clinic Students File Amicus Brief on Behalf of the National Alliance for Media Art and Culture in the Viacom-YouTube Appeal in the Second Circuit2011Brief
SLTPPC Authors Introduction and Fair Use Whitepaper for the Copyright Reform Act2010Clinical Project
Introduction to the Copyright Reform Act2010Clinical Project
Report 1: Updating Fair use for Innovators and Creators in the Digital Age: Two Targeted Reforms2010Clinical Project
The Magnificance of the Disaster: Reconstructing the Sony BMG Rootkit Incident2007Research Paper
Samuelson Clinic Submitted Comment to U.S. Copyright Office on behalf of Edward Felten and J. Alex Halderman2005Clinical Project, Comments
Samuelson Clinic Non-Resident Fellow Co-Authors Report on Cease-and-Desist Letters Submitted to Chilling Effects2005Clinical Project, Report
Clinic Filed Amicus Brief in Second Circuit Court of Appeals in United States v. Martignon2005Brief
Clinic Submitted Reply Comments to U.S. Copyright Office on behalf of Internet Archive regarding Orphan Works2005Comments
Clinic Submitted Comments to U.S. Copyright Office on behalf of Internet Archive regarding Orphan Works2005Clinical Project, Comments
MGM v. Grokster in Supreme Court2005Brief
Davidson & Associates v. Internet Gateway, Inc. in Eighth Circuit2005Brief
P2P Providers Not Liable for Their Users' Copyright Infringement2004Brief, News Item
The Technical and Legal Dangers of Code-Based Fair Use Enforcement2004Research Paper
Chamberlain v. Skylink in Federal Circuit2004Brief
Court Ruling Protects Consumers and Competition2004Brief, News Item
Clinic asks Supreme Court to deny certiorari in MGM v. Grokster2004Brief
MGM v. Grokster in Ninth Circuit2003Brief
How DRM-based Content Delivery Systems Disrupt Expectations of "Personal Use"2003Presentation, Research Paper
Consumers Union Amicus Briefs2003Brief
Digital Rights Management and Fair Use by Design2003Research Paper
Chamberlain v. Skylink in US International Trade Court2003Brief
Neglecting the National Memory: How Copyright Extensions Compromise the Development of Digital Archives2002Research Paper
Oasis Rights Language Technical Committee2002Clinical Project, Research Paper
Implementing Copyright Limitations in Rights Expression Languages2002Research Paper
Amicus Brief for Google in Kelly v. Arriba Soft2002Brief
Sony Bono Copyright Term Extension Act of 19982001Brief