Data Collections

American Bar Association Statistical Resources


Numerous resources for research and statistics about lawyers and the legal profession.


American Political Science Association Law and Courts Section Data Directory


Links to data relating to law, courts, and dispute processes.


Cornell University's Internet Data Sources For Social Scientists


Direct access to a large range of datasets available on the internet that are of interest to social scientists.


Cornell University's ILR School Most Requested Government Statistics


An extensive list of links to the most often requested statistical information produced by U. S. government agencies.


Duke University Law School Library's Links to Data Sources


An immense collection of links to data on subjects including law, politics, business, and the media.


Emory University's Electronic Center For Courts, Criminal Justice, and Violence Data


A large collection of links to data resources on the courts, criminal justice, and violence research.


Harvard University's Institute For Quantitative Social Science Research Archive


The Henry A. Murray Archive is a permanent repository for quantitative and qualitative social science research data.  The collection is searchable.


Historical Statistics


The main focus of this site is macroeconomic data on Sweden but there are also numerous links to foreign and international economic and financial data.


Inter-University Consortium for Political and Social Research (ICPSR)


This site has an immense archive of social science and political data.


LexisNexis Statistical and Datasets


This is available to U.C. Berkeley users through the Law Library and Main Library's list of databases.  This site provides access to more than 5.3 billion (and growing) data points from licensed and public domain datasets. Sources of data include local, state and international governments and organizations. This database allows for customization of the data by selecting subjects, variable of interest, and the ability to view your data in side-by-side tables, charts and even maps. An extensive list of annotated links to other Web sites about government statistics is provided.  These include government agencies, government services, university sites, and non-government services. 


Roper Center Public Opinion Archives


The Center makes accessible their searchable collection of thousands of individual-level datasets based on national adult, state, foreign, and special subpopulation samples.  It includes surveys conducted since the 1930s.


Time Series Data Library


This searchable library was created by Prof. Rob Hyndman, and includes about 800 time series drawn from a variety of fields.


United Kingdom Government Statistics


The UK's first port of call for the latest statistics from government departments in the UK.  It includes links to all departments that are responsible for producing statistics, as well as links to international organizations that collect and/or publish statistics.


University of California Los Angeles Institute for Social Science Research Data Archives


A searchable collection of data files on a large variety of subjects.


University of California Los Angeles Library's Government Statistics and Data


A resource for collections of statistical and data information from many state, federal, foreign, and international sources.


University of California San Diego Data Collection


Extensively annotated links to social science and archival data





University of Michigan Library's Statistical Resources on the Web


A very extensive online collection of data on a wide variety of subjects, including business and industry, foreign trade, government finances, and politics.


University of North Carolina Odum Institute for Research in Social Science


An extensive collection of U.S. census data, health statistics, and public opinion data.


University of Pennsylvania Libraries Data Sets and Statistics E-Resources


Search the university's collection of online data sources in a wide range of subject areas including fine arts, social science, and math and science resources.


University of Texas Law Library's Law Related Data Resources


Links to numerous sources of data on U.S. courts, criminal law, family law, administrative law, and bankruptcy.


University of Virginia Library Scholars' Lab Digital Resources


Links to demographic, economic, and social and behavioral data, as well as collections of geospatial data from the University as well as around the world.


University of Wisconsin Data and Information Services Center


The online data archive is a growing collection of datasets that stem from research at the University or involve Wisconsin-related themes.


Washington University School of Law American Trials Data


Links to data and reports on American federal and state court trials.