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Hurricane Katrina: 20 Tulane Law Students Start Classes at Boalt

Displaced students from Tulane Law School began attending classes at Boalt Hall this week. In the wake of Hurricane Katrina and with the news that Tulane would remain closed for at least the fall semester, Boalt joined other U.S. law schools in stepping forward to offer assistance to the students facing uncertainty about the upcoming semester. "So many have worked hard in the past few days to find all the pieces and put them together - it is quite a testament to the Boalt community," Dean Christopher Edley said, of the collaborative effort required to bring the students to Boalt on such short notice.

You can read more about the efforts of Boalt Hall and UC Berkeley in a September 7 article in the Daily Californian. On the morning of September 7, KQED featured a news report on Boalt's welcome of the Tulane students. You can also listen to NPR's September 7 report on Morning Edition discussing New Orleans' displaced college students.

Any students still seeking placement at other schools can visit Tulane's emergency website, or a message board set up by the Texas Higher Education Coordinating Board, where colleges and universities can provide the latest information to displaced students.