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Hurricane Katrina: Boalt and Other U.S. Law Schools Assist New Orleans Law Students

The scale of the disaster is overwhelming. The images are devastating. Mostly underwater, the city of New Orleans is facing a major crisis. Boalt has joined a number of U.S. law schools in stepping forward to offer assistance by accepting into our community and our classes 20 students from Tulane for the fall semester (these spots have now been filled). Boalt is also considering other ways our community may be able to assist the student visitors, such as with housing, books and other needs.

An emergency website address has been set up for Tulane Law School: http://Tulane.law.emory.edu. Tulane and Loyola students seeking further information on Boalt's offer of assistance may contact Boalt Hall Dean of Students Victoria Ortiz, 510-643-3057, vortiz@law.berkeley.edu.