2005 Archive

International Association of Boalt Alumni (IABA) Travels to Bologna

More than 70 Boalt alumni from throughout Europe, Canada, Peru and the United States gathered in Bologna, Italy, on June 10-12 for the annual meeting of the International Association of Boalt Alumni (IABA). Participants, including Boalt professors Herma Hill Kay and Richard Buxbaum '53 (LL.M.), were welcomed to the three-day session by Dean Stefano Canestrari of the Bologna University School of Law. Speakers included Vito Mangini, a Bologna law professor and former Boalt visiting professor; Judge Paolo Mengozzi; and attorney Claudio Cocuzza. The business meeting was held in the historic chambers of the Bologna Bar Association, and was presided over by Chairperson Francisca Hernanz '88 (LL.M.), an attorney in Madrid, and Secretary Pascal Pichonnaz '97 (LL.M.), a professor at the University of Fribourg.

Organized by attorney Paola Parma Sforza '87 (LL.M.), the event featured the traditional banquet, held in the elegant rooms of the Circolo della Caccia, and included sightseeing tours of Bologna and nearby Maranello, as well as Ferrara. Next year the group plans to return to Berkeley for a meeting on July 14-16.