2005 Archive

Law Librarian Wins Award for International Law Web Portal

In January the International Association of Law Libraries named the international law resource Electronic Information System for International Law (EISIL) the winner of its prestigious "Best Website of 2004" award. The portal, created by Marci Hoffman and Jill Watson, was lauded as an "extraordinarily well organized source for primary international law material." Hoffman, the international and foreign law librarian at Boalt, and Watson, former director of library and information services at the American Society of International Law, developed and built EISIL with a grant from the Andrew Mellon Foundation.

EISIL aggregates access to more than 1,500 primary materials, websites and research guides-items that were previously scattered across law libraries, archives and specialized sites. Using EISIL, lawyers, scholars and librarians can now find information on hundreds of law subjects with unprecedented speed. For more information, visit the EISIL website.