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Alums Get an Assist in Finding Teaching Positions

Considered by educators to be one of the preeminent teacher training institutions in the world, UC Berkeley has been a spring board to academia. And, thanks to the efforts of Professor Angela Harris and Jurisprudence and Social Policy Professor Christopher Kutz, Boalt may soon be recognized for its contributions to the ranks of teaching professionals as well.

Over the last four years, Harris and Kutz have spearheaded efforts to encourage and assist Boalt students and alums seeking teaching jobs. They have developed a teaching track specialization within the J.D. Program, including setting up a faculty-mentorship program, and making accommodations for students engaged in extensive writing projects (the key to getting an academic job). Along with the Career Development Office, they also organize informational meetings, provide counseling and have put online an extensive handout library and answers to frequently asked questions about teaching careers.

For alumni in the teaching market, Harris and Kutz have begun compiling a bound volume containing resumes, which is sent to hiring committees at leading law schools around the country. According to Kutz, the book highlights the range and depth of talents of Boalt teaching candidates, and helps them gain notice in the eyes of appointment committees flooded with resumes.

The stepped-up effort is paying off. Boalt has recently placed teachers at the law schools at Duke University, University of Connecticut, UC Davis, University of Colorado at Boulder, Emory University, and more.

Alums interested in learning more about academic placement efforts or who would like to include a resume in the bound volume should contact Professors Harris or Kutz, at aharris@law.berkeley.edu or ckutz@law.berkeley.edu.