2006 Archive

Boalt Speaks About ... Terrorism

In response to the the unprecedented change to our global landscape and the need for continuing knowledge and discussion, Boalt has introduced a new Web feature called Boalt Speaks About..., which joins the many voices of the Boalt community around vital topics. The first topic, terrorism and its impact on law and governance, is one of critical importance in our current reality. The Web page provides an entry into the broad discussion of the effort to combat terrorism, both effectively and in a manner consistent with our law and values. It houses searchable writings and speeches from the Boalt community. We encourage you to submit links to your published writings or public remarks on the subject via email to BoaltSpeaks@law.berkeley.edu.

The project is led by David Caron '83, C. William Maxeiner Distinguished Professor of Law. He is also co-chairing a conference, Governing and Living in a Time of Terror: Law Beyond 9/11, with David Kaye '95. On September 8-9, members of the Boalt community are invited to join discussions, analyis and provocations to initiate the Berkeley project on law and terrorism. The two panels, "The Landscape of Law and Terrorism" and "Terrorism Policy and the Academy," feature Professors Jesse Choper, Dan Farber, Christopher Kutz, Pam Samuelson, and Jonathon Simon '87, as well as other experts from the campus community. Following the panels, particpants join working groups discussing topics including computers, terror and privacy; living with the war on terrorism at home; and the impact of the war on terrorism abroad.