2006 Archive

Boalt Hosts Conference on Clinical Legal Education in Japan and the U.S.

Clinical law faculty from the U.S. and Japan will meet at Boalt from March 10-13 for an intensive program on building clinical programs. The conference, co-sponsored by Boalt’s Sho Sato Program in Japanese and U.S. Law and Waseda University, will be attended by faculty from nine of Japan’s law schools and by officials from Japan’s Ministry of Justice. In April 2004, Japan opened 68 graduate professional law schools, and many of the new schools are designing clinical programs. The ambitious conference program brings together leading clinicians from Japan and the U.S. to improve clinical legal education in both countries. The conference will be conducted with simultaneous translation. Boalt Professor and Director of the Center for Clinical Education Charles Weisselberg, who has twice visited schools in Japan, says the conference program will help meet Japanese law schools’ need for practical information, case examples and start-up strategies, and will give U.S. clinicians new ideas. 3/7/2006