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Stem Cell Experts from Upcoming Boalt Symposium Featured on KQED Forum

At 9:00 am today, KQED Forum will feature four experts who will also appear at Boalt's March 2-4 symposium California's Stem Cell Initiative: Confronting the Legal and Policy Challenges. The experts include Pilar Ossorio '97, a visiting professor and Boalt alumnus; Christopher Scott, executive director of the Stanford Center on Stem Cells and Society; Jesse Reynolds project director on biotechnology and accountability for the Center for Genetics and Society; and California Senator Deborah Ortiz. On today's radio show, these guests will discuss the implementation of California's stem cell research program, and its legal, policy, ethical and commercial implications.

The symposium at Boalt starts tomorrow and seeks to provide insights and recommendations from leading thinkers that will enable California's stem cell initiative to be successful. The 10th annual symposium is co-sponsored by the Berkeley Center for Law and Technology, the Berkeley Technology Law Journal, the Berkeley Center for Law, Business and The Economy, and the Berkeley Travers Program on Ethics and Government Accountability.