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Email Erroneously Sent to Boalt Applicants

Applicants for the entering class of 2006 at Boalt Hall may have erroneously received an email on Friday, February 17, that implied they had been admitted to the law school, law school officials announced today.

The mistake took place when law school Director of Admissions Edward Tom was attempting to demonstrate the use of the law school’s email software program to a new staff member. Tom immediately recognized the mistake and, within 20 minutes, emailed a note to the applicants that pointed out that the email had been sent in error and offered his apologies. He sent an additional letter of apology the next day.

"I deeply regret any confusion or disappointment this error may have caused," said Tom. "I know that many law school applicants are particularly anxious while awaiting the arrival of decision letters and I regret that this incident may have added to that tension."

Boalt’s Admissions Office plans to explore making modifications to the software so such mistakes are less likely in the future.

The email congratulated applicants on their recent admission to Boalt Hall and invited them to an annual reception co-hosted by two Boalt alumni and several Boalt student organizations. It is unclear whether all 7,000 applicants received the email or half of the applicant pool. Tom pointed out that those who did receive the email should know that it is no reflection on their chances of gaining admission.

The law school's admissions process remains underway. Boalt Hall plans to admit 800 to 850 students and, so far, about 500 applicants have been offered admission. The remainder of the applicants will be notified beginning in the next two to three weeks. The admissions process is expected to be completed by the first week of April.