2007 Archive

Professor Zimring Receives Sutherland Award

Professor Frank Zimring, William G. Simon Professor of Law and Wolfen Distinguished Scholar, received the 2007 Edwin H. Sutherland Award from the American Society of Criminology (ASC) during its annual meetings Nov. 14-17 in Atlanta. The award recognizes outstanding contributions to theory or research in criminology on the etiology of criminal and deviant behavior, the criminal justice system, corrections, law, or justice.

It marks the second straight year that Zimring has been honored by the ASC. In 2006, he received the August Vollmer Award, given to a criminologist whose research scholarship has contributed to justice or the treatment or prevention of criminal or delinquent behavior.

Organized in Berkeley in 1941, the ASC is an international organization with approximately 3,500 members—including practitioners, academicians, and students—from nearly 60 countries. It fosters criminological study, research, and education on the prevention, control, and treatment of crime and delinquency. This includes review of legislation and criminal law practice, and examination of law enforcement, judicial, and correctional systems.