About Us


The Warren Institute is a national research, policy analysis and public education venture that engages challenging topics in civil rights, criminal law, education, immigration, healthcare, and economic & family security in America.

The Warren Institute’s mission is to engage the most difficult topics in a wide range of legal and public policy subject areas, providing valuable intellectual capital to public and private sector leaders, the media and the general public, while advancing scholarly understanding.  Key focal areas include: Education (K-12 educational equity, post-secondary education and intergenerational poverty); Criminal Justice (juvenile justice, public safety, crime analysis); Health, Economic and Family Security (health reform, family leave), Immigration Policy (immigration reform, new Americans and immigrant integration); and Opportunity & Inclusion (voting rights and democratic engagement, redistricting and eliminating racial/ethnic health disparities).  A confederation of policy analysts and educators across the University of California and beyond, the Warren Institute continues to build a network of public-policy focused collaborators. 


  • Multidisciplinary in its intellectual method;
  • Multiracial in that its agenda concerns the experiences of all racial and ethnic “minorities” in facing discrimination, disparities and inter-group relations;
  • Multisectoral in its subject matter range — criminal justice, education, employment, economic & family security, immigration, voting and democratic engagement, health care and more;
  • Vertically integrated with a staff structure that makes possible a full range of activities including basic research, policy “engineering,” knowledge dissemination, public education and technical assistance for decision makers; and
  • Collaborative in its partnerships with other research entities at UC Berkeley, across the 10-campus University of California system and beyond; and collaborative, too, in its outreach to national civic and grassroots organizations.

    The Chief Justice Earl Warren Institute was established in 2005 and named to honor the racial justice legacy of Brown v. Board and other contributions of the Warren Court.  The Warren Institute is in significant respects modeled after The Civil Rights Project at Harvard University.  That project was co-founded in 1996 by UCLA Professor Gary Orfield and UC, Berkeley Law School Dean Christopher Edley, Jr., when both were professors at Harvard. 

    The Warren Institute is funded principally by project-specific foundation grants and donations from alumni of Boalt Hall. It is among the several multidisciplinary research centers which together comprise one pillar of Boalt’s major fundraising effort, The Campaign for Boalt Hall, launched in January 2006.