Class Reunions

A Message from Terry O’Reilly ’69, Chair, 2009 Reunion Campaign

This is the year to come back to Boalt. With all the exciting changes taking place around us, here at Boalt, there is change you can actually see. If you don’t believe me, come look at the construction site of our future South Addition along Bancroft Way and meet the 24 new faculty members who have chosen Boalt since 2004. Best of all, count the rungs Boalt has climbed in just four years to reach sixth place among top law schools in the nation. A few years ago we had sunk into the teens. Your investment in Boalt has made a real difference. And, we can do more.

I hope you will join me and the law school’s wonderful community of students, faculty, alumni and friends October 8-11 for a particularly special All-Alumni Reunion. The all-new program is so full of exciting chances to learn and reconnect, it will take four days and two cities to handle. You should be here for this.

Whether it’s been five years or fifty since you last thought about Pennoyer v. Neff or wrestled with the rule in Shelley's Case, this is the perfect year to come and to see what has changed and what remains the same.

Law Schools are not defined by buildings. The quality of a school is seen in its graduates and Boalt graduates continue to stand apart. In many specialties, Boalt graduates are simply better. This excellence is not easy to maintain. You have already made a difference and you can help our younger colleagues continue the tradition by investing in Boalt.

Please plan to be here in October. Boalt will challenge us with programs on the timeliest issues, issues that Boalt graduates and faculty have helped to shape. National debates start here.

We hope you will greet old friends and contribute to the issues and debates of the moment. We need your involvement and we need your contributions. Invest in Boalt so a rare tradition can continue. I look forward to welcoming you back.  

Terry O'Reilly '69
            Terry O’Reilly ‘69 
            National Chair 
            2009 Class Reunion Campaign