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Mock Interview Program

Sign-ups for the Mock Interview Program are now open until January 14th -- or sooner if spaces fill up.  First-come, first served.

Mock interviews are conducted by volunteer attorneys from local legal employers, and are a great opportunity to practice for the real thing, and to get some very useful feedback (and to network at the same time).  They will be held in our offices on the evenings of January 20, 21, 22, 26 and 27.  (Note: the 20th is Inauguration Day, though interviews will not start until 6PM at the earliest and 8PM at the latest.)


Sign ups are via the b-Line.  Make sure you have a resume uploaded to b-Line before you attempt to sign-up for a mock interview slot.  You will not be able to sign-up without having a resume uploaded to the system.  See the Announcements Section of the b-Line home page for instructions for uploading a resume.  [Online resume drafting advice can be found here.]

Once you have uploaded a resume to b-Line,

1.    Click on OCI from the menu at the top of the b-Line home page
2.    On the Employers/Apply tab on the OCI page, select "2009 Mock Interview Program" from the “Session” pulldown menu.
3.    You will see a list of employers with the employer type (private firm, public interest, or government) in parentheses to the right.  Determine the employer type you are interested in and the date that you would like to do your mock interview.  If the date appears in the Interview Dates column as a clickable button, then there are interview slots available on that date.  If the date does not appear as a clickable button, then all the interview slots have been filled for that date.  Please note that a given employer type may have several interview slots available on the same day.  Make sure to look through the entire list to view all available employer types and dates.
4.    Once you find an employer type and date that work for you, click on the date button to view the available interview time slots.  To sign up for a particular slot, click on its corresponding radio button.
5.    Click on the Signup button to complete the process.
6.    You will be taken to the Scheduled Interviews tab where you can see the interview information.  If you wish to cancel this interview, simply click on the Cancel button on the far right to do so.

If you have any questions about signing up for a mock interview slot via b-Line, contact Marty Grenhart, the CDO’s Recruitment Programs Manager, at

In order to allow the greatest number of students to participate in the program, you will be permitted to sign up for only one mock interview.

Interview attire is required for the mock interviews.  We recently offered some interview attire advice to our students going through Fall OCIP on the CDO Newswire blog.