The law school is at a critical point in its history —the advent of an era of unprecedented expansion and engagement. In this environment, philanthropy is—quite simply—essential. We cannot succeed without it.

The centerpiece of our giving program is the Campaign for Boalt Hall. With a goal of $125 million, it is the largest fundraising effort in the school’s history. And we’re off to a fast start. Two years in, we have raised more than $60 million—more than four times the total of our last campaign.

Already, we’ve launched initiatives that are turbo charging the school: Initiatives to attract the most promising students, regardless of income. To help our graduates pursue their career passions, unburdened by debt. To grow our faculty, fueling scholarship and enriching the educational experience. To create forums for airing opinion and focusing debate. And to provide space worthy of the work housed in it.

But there is much work to do—and many ways of contributing. Our giving program includes opportunities for all members of our extended community to participate. Plus multiple vehicles for doing so. For specific information, see your choices at right.  

Giving Profile: Ken King