Rule of Law

In countries where the rule of law is absent, the health, safety, and well-being of the population is severely impacted.  The Institute takes a pioneering approach to supporting the rule of law using a three-part strategy to strengthen foreign judiciaries and support legal reform. First, through collaborations among multi-national judicial counterparts in the form of high level roundtable discussions, the Institute facilitates the sharing of best practices and knowledge. Second, through an interdisciplinary assessment of “rule of law” development work we hope to improve current efforts to promote the rule of law. Third, we offer world-class training, through our International Program for Judicial Studies at Berkeley Law to foreign lawyers and judges to equip them with greater skills and knowledge.  Each component of the project will learn from and inform the other parts. 


International Program for Judicial Studies

A key component in fostering the rule of law is enabling a competent and independent judiciary. The Institute's International Program for Judicial Studies offers intensive training to foreign judges and government officials on core legal issues ranging from changing international norms to judicial ethics. The program targets high ranking officials who have very limited time or opportunity to further their knowledge in new and changing fields of law. This program helps raise the level of professionalism and knowledge of judiciaries world-wide, thereby promoting the rule of law and ensuring that everyone, no matter the income level or status in society, has equal access to justice.

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If you are a foreign judge and wish to participate in our program or would like more information, please contact us.


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