From Hazleton to New Haven: The Role of States and Localities

November 9, 2007

With the generous financial support of Atlantic Philanthropies, the Warren Institute hosted its second major convening on immigration on November 9, 2007.  Organized as a roundtable, the purpose of “From Hazleton to New Haven” was to examine policies that are affecting immigrants at the state and local levels and explore effective responses.  Attendees included key community advocates, lawyers, policy analysts, and scholars from a variety of disciplines.

Several of the areas that were discussed included: housing ordinances, employment related laws, access to benefits, the role of local officers in immigration enforcement, and municipal identification cards and other integration measures.  In addition to a diversity of disciplines, participants brought knowledge of a wide variety of regions of the country, adding a valuable comparative lens to both critical discussion and the agenda-setting portion of the event. The roundtable also generated a rich exchange between participants concerning what topic areas require further research.

Resources from the roundtable, “From Hazleton to New Haven”: