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Complex Networks Make Up U.S. Power Grid 

NPR Morning Edition, August 14, 2013
Listen to the story, click here.

Morning Edition looks back on the blackout of 2003, David Greene talks to Steven Weissman, the director of the Energy Program at the University of California Berkeley, about how the country's electrical systems work, and how to manage them in the future.

Impact of Key Environmental Law Decisions by the U.S. Supreme Court

June 30, 2009

NOTE:  MCLE Credit offered with this program

CDM Reforms in the Context of a Greater Protocol: Berkeley Law Students' Perspective from Copenhagen

Featuring Berkeley Law students Ian Fein, Heather Matsumoto, Jeslyn Miller and Tyler McNish
July 15, 2009

With less than six months before the world gathers to negotiate a successor treaty to the Kyoto Protocol, all eyes are turning towards Copenhagen.  In a prelude to this historic meeting in December, four law students from the University of California, Berkeley, traveled to Denmark as finalists in an international negotiation competition that centered on reforming Kyoto's market–based offset system, the Clean Development Mechanism (“CDM”).    


CLEE Speaker Series

Spring 2010

  • New Needs for Nature in the Age of Global Warming:Where Existing Laws Fall Short
    A Talk with Tony Barnosky
    February 2, 2010
  • Recent Alumni Career Panel
    A Panel with Julie Thrower (’07), Scott Zimmerman (’07), Matt Vespa (’02), and Erin Ziegler (’08)
    February 16, 2010
  • Green Infrastructure for the Future
    A Talk with Jennifer Wolch, Dean of the College of Environmental Design and Louise Mozingo, Director of Center for Resource Efficient Communities
    March 15, 2010


Fall 2009

  • Environmental Law Careers Panel
    With speakers Robert Falk of Morrison & Foerster, Robert Doty of Cox Castle & Nicholson, Letitia Moore of USEPA, Ken Alex of the California Attorney General’s Office, Anjali Jaiswal of NRDC, and Osa Wolff of Shute Mihaly & Weinberger.
    September 16, 2009


Spring 2009


Fall 2008

Environmental Law Courses Online

Law 270.75 - Topics in Renewable Energy - Steve Weissman (Spring 2011)

  • Session 1  Introduction to the course
  • Session 2  Overview of Federal Renewable Energy Programs
  • Session 3  Overview of State and Local Renewable Energy Programs
  • Session 4  Renewable Energy Portfolio Standards, Part 1 (Guest Lecturer:  Paul Douglas, Renewables Procurement and Resource Planning
    Supervisor at the California Public Utilities Commission.)
  • Session 5  Renewable Portfolio Standards, Part 2  (Guest Lecturer: Matthew Freedman, Staff Attorney for The Utility Reform Network)
  • Session 6  The State of Wind Power Development  (Guest Lecturer: Nancy Rader, Executive Director of the California Wind Energy Assoc.)
  • Session 7  Solar in the Desert – A Status Report  (Guest Lecturer: Matthew Sanders, Associate at the Paul Hastings law firm)
  • Session 8  Stakeholder Groups and Big Solar – An Evolving Story (Guest Lecturer: Peter Weiner, Partner at Paul Hasting)
  • Session 9  PACE Program - Property Assessed Clean Energy Financing (Guest Lecturer: Sheridan Pauker, Associate, Wilson Sonsini)
  • Session 10  Fossil-Fired Power in a Renewable Energy Future (Guest Lecturer: Diane Fellman, Director, Regulatory & Governmental Affairs for NRG
    West & Solar)
  • Session 11  Customer Choice, Direct access and Green Preferences as Alternative Ways to Promote Renewable Energy (Guest Lecturer: Matthew Freedman, Staff Attorney for The Utility Reform Network)
  • Session 12  The Cost of Solar  (Guest Lecturer: Severin Borenstein, Professor of Business Adminstration and Public
    Policy at the Haas School of Business) 
  • Session 13  The Anatomy of a Renewable Energy Project  (Guest Lecturer: Mark Hennigh, a Founding Partner of Greene Radovsky Maloney Share
    & Hennigh)
  • Session 14  The Future of Renewable Energy Development (Guest Lecturer: Dian Grueneich, Former Commissioner, California Public Utilities


    Law 271 - Environmental Law & Policy - Dan Farber (Fall 2010)


    Law 271 - Environmental Law & Policy - Bob Infelise (Fall 2009)

    • Lecture 1  Environmental Policy Perspectives
      What Is Environmental Law? Insights from Ecology? Insights from Economics
    • Lecture 2  Environmental Policy Perspectives
      The Role of Values
    • Lecture 3 Environmental Common Law 1
      Pollution on the Pigeon River; Common Law Environmental Doctrines
    • Lecture 4  Environmental Common Law 2
      Common Law Versus Public Law
    • Lecture 5  The Administrative Law of the Environment 1
      The Administrative Decisionmaking Process; Judicial Review of Agency Action Standing
    • Lecture 6  The Administrative Law of the Environment 2
      Judicial Review of Agency Action Standing; Ripeness, Exhaustion and Mootness
    • Lecture 7 The Administrative Law of the Environment 3
      Judicial Review of Agency Action Jurisdiction; Reviewability and Scope of Review
    • Lecture 8 Natural Resources 1
      NEPA and the Power of Information; Introduction to NEPA; The Duty to Prepare an EIS; “Recommendation or Report on Proposals”
    • Lecture 9 Natural Resources 2
      NEPA and the Power of Information; The Duty to Prepare an EIS; “Major Federal Actions”; “Significantly Affecting the Quality of the Environment”
    • Lecture 10 Natural Resources 3
      NEPA and the Power of Information; Contents of the EIS; Evaluating NEPA; Beyond NEPA: Information and the Market
    • Lecture 11 Toxics and Waste 1
      Risk Assessment and Management
    • Lecture 12 Toxics and Waste 2
      Introduction to Regulating Toxic Risks
    • Lecture 13 Air Pollution Control 1
      Air Pollution Control; Introduction and Overview; National Ambient Air Quality Standards; Setting National Ambient Air Quality Standards
    • Lecture 14 Air Pollution Control 2
      National Ambient Air Quality Standards; Implementing the NAAQS:  State Implementation Plans
    • Lecture 15 Air Pollution Control 3
      National Ambient Air Quality Standards; The Problem of Non-Attainment
    • Lecture 16 Air Pollution Control 4
      New Source Review and the Problem of Grandfathering
    • Lecture 17 Air Pollution Control 5
      Tradeable Emission Permits: Using the Power of Markets
    • Lecture 18 Air Pollution Control 6
      Automobile Emissions and Technology Forcing
    • Lecture 19 Water Pollution Control 1
      Introduction and Overview; Control of Point-Source Pollution:  The NPDES Program; Covered Waters
    • Lecture 20 Water Pollution Control 2
      Control of Point-Source Pollution:  The NPDES Program; Covered Waters; Covered Activities
    • Lecture 21 Water Pollution Control 3
      Control of Point-Source Pollution:  The NPDES Program; Effluent Standards for Point Sources
    • Lecture 22 Water Pollution Control
      Nonpoint Source Pollution; Water Quality Standards
    • Lecture 23 Pollution Control: Environmental Enforcement 1
      Introduction; Civil Enforcement
    • Lecture 24 Pollution Control: Environmental Enforcement 2
      Criminal Enforcement
    • Lecture 25 Pollution Control: Environmental Enforcement 3
      Citizen Suits
    • Lecture 26 Environmental Federalism 1
      Historical and Theoretical Background; Cooperative Federalism
    • Lecture 27 Environmental Federalism 2
      Sources and Limits on Federal Power
    • Lecture 28  Environmental Federalism 3
      Limits on State Power Preemption

    Law 271.71 - International Environmental Law - Cymie Payne (Spring 2009)


    Law 272.3 - Climate Change: Law & Policy - Dan Farber & Cymie Payne (Fall 2008)


    Law 272.1 - Water Resources Law - Antonio Rossmann (Fall 2008)

    • Sept. 25: Western Water Law Evolution, Constitutional Issues
    • Dec. 2: Colorado River and other interstate allocations


    Law 270.7 - Renewable Energy & Alternative Fuels - Steve Weissman (Fall 2008)


    Law 270.6 - Energy Regulations and the Environment - Steve Weissman (Spring 2008)


    Law 271 - Environmental Law and Policy - Holly Doremus (Spring 2008)



    Environmental Protection in the Balance: Citizens, Courts, and the Constitution

    February 26, 2010, 9:00 AM
    Georgetown Law  

    Today, the most important environmental law and policy disputes are shaped in the crucible of constitutional law. This symposium, anchored by two keynote speakers, will convene leading scholars, practicing lawyers, and policymakers to explore topics at the confluence of constitutional and environmental law.   Co-sponsored by UC Berkeley School of Law’s Center for Law, Energy & the Environment, the Environmental Law Institute, and the Georgetown Environmental Law and Policy Program, the symposium will be held at the Georgetown University Law Centerin Washington, DC. The event is open to policymakers, academics and law students, and practicing lawyers, as well as the general public.

    Welcome & Introductions
    Leslie Carothers, Environmental Law Institute;  Richard Frank, Center for Law, Energy & the Environment, Berkeley Law;  Peter Byrne, Georgetown Law

    Opening Keynote Presentation
    Richard J. Lazarus, Georgetown University Law Center

    Citizen Standing/Access to Courts
    Holly D. Doremus, Faculty Co-Director, Center for Law, Energy & the Environment, UC Berkeley School of Law;  Bradford C. Mank, University of Cincinnati College of Law;  David Bookbinder, Senior Attorney, Chief Climate Counsel, Sierra Club;  Honorable Edwin S. Kneedler, Deputy U.S. Solicitor General

    Scope of Congressional Authority to Protect the Environment
     Bruce Myers, Senior Attorney, Environmental Law Institute;  William W. Buzbee, Emory Law School;  Wm. Robert Irvin, Senior Vice President for Conservation Programs, Defenders of Wildlife;  Michael W. Evans, Partner, K&L Gates LLP

    Lunchtime Keynote
    Honorable Peter W. Hall, U.S. Court of Appeals for the Second Circuit

    Constitutional Status of State/Regional Climate Initiatives
    Panelists  Vicki Arroyo, Georgetown Law;  Ray Ludwiszewski, Gibson, Dunn & Crutcher LLP;   Kenneth P. Alex, Office of the Attorney General, State of California;  Doug Kendall, Constitutional Accountability Center  

    New & Emerging Constitutional Theories and the Future of Environmental Protection
    Panelists  James R. May, Widener Law School;  Doug Kysar, Yale Law School Dan Farber, Berkeley Law;  Robert L. Glicksman, The George Washington University Law School

    Closing Remarks & Adjournment
    Richard Frank, Center for Law, Energy & the Environment, Berkeley Law;  Leslie Carothers, Environmental Law Institute

    California and the Future of Environmental Law and Policy:

    Leading the Global Response to Environmental and Energy Challenges

    April 10-11, 2008, 08:00AM
    Booth Auditorium, Boalt Hall

    California's natural resources, economy, demographics and political system have made it a unique laboratory for environmental policy over the past half century. As a result, California has often led both the nation and the world in recognizing environmental challenges, and in fashioning creative and effective solutions to them.

    This conference brought together leading environmental policymakers, scholars and legal practitioners to address California's current and future role at the forefront of environmental law and policy development. In the process, speakers mapped for conference attendees California?s environmental policy agenda for the coming decades. That agenda, in turn, has broad ramifications, inasmuch as California's environmental dilemmas are a microcosm of those faced nationally and globally. The environmental solutions California devises to those problems will doubtless prove influential far beyond our borders.

    Thursday, April 10, 2008

    Friday, April 11, 2008