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Ninth Circuit Returns to Booth Auditorium for Boalt's Annual Day in Court

There was order in the court though the courtroom was larger and more heavily attended than usual as the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit returned to Boalt for a special sitting on February 14. Students and observers filled Booth Auditorium where Senior Circuit Judge Betty Fletcher, Circuit Judge Richard Clifton and the court's newest Circuit Judge Sandra Segal Ikuta '88 presided over the docket and took questions following the proceedings which marked Boalt's annual Ninth Circuit Day.The panel heard argument in four cases including an appeal by San Francisco Liberation Radio contesting an adverse judgment in favor of the United States following the seizure of its equipment by federal officials in 2003, an appeal of a ruling on the competency of a state prisoner, and two habeas corpus petitions challenging state murder convictions. The session continued a longstanding tradition in which the Ninth Circuit hears a day of oral arguments at Boalt during the spring semester.