Fall 2007 Symposium

“Reclaiming and Reframing the Dialogue on Race and Racism”

A Symposium Questioning the Social and Legal Assumptions About Racial Discrimination
and Exploring Strategies to Advance Racial Justice


November 1-2, 2007

Thelton E. Henderson Center for Social Justice
UC Berkeley School of Law, University of California, Berkeley
Co-Sponsored by The Equal Justice Society and the University of Hawai’i
The Henderson Center gratefully acknowledges the Kazan, McClain, Abrams, Fernandez, Lyons & Farrise
Foundation for its generous support of this Symposium


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Recent scientific studies have demonstrated the fallacy of many of our social and legal assumptions about racial discrimination. Such findings have also contradicted the notion that equal opportunity can be achieved by colorblindness.


Keynote speakers Monique Harden (Advocates for Environmental Human Rights) and Professor Jerry Kang (UCLA School of Law) will lay out frameworks of analysis and panelists will present concrete strategies for influencing litigation, media representations, and generational linkages that will allow activists and attorneys to tackle ongoing racism in the United States.


Panelists include:

  • Maria Blanco, Chief Earl Warren Institute for Race, Diversity, and Ethnicity, U.C. Berkeley School of Law
  • David Chiu, Chief Operating Officer, Grassroots Enterprises
  • Professor Lia Epperson, Santa Clara School of Law
  • Lucas Guttentag, Director, ACLU Immigrants' Rights Project
  • Lisalyn Jacobs, Vice President, Government Relations, Legal Momentum
  • Professor Pamela Karlan, Stanford Law School
  • Bill Kennedy, Legal Services of Northern California
  • Professor Timothy Patrick McCarthy, Kennedy School of Government, Harvard College
  • John Trasviña, President, Mexican American Legal Defense and Educational Fund (MALDEF)