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Abby Ginzberg

Abby Ginzberg

ABBY GINZBERG has been producing and directing award-winning documentary films since 1983. Her work has focused on character-driven stories, racial and gender discrimination and social justice issues, and has been shown in film/video festivals and broadcast on public television networks nationally and internationally.

SOUL OF JUSTICE: Thelton Henderson’s American Journey was featured at the Mill Valley Film Festival in October, 2005 and the Pan African Film Festival in February, 2006. A timely and unforgettable story about an African-American jurist’s lifetime commitment to integrity and human rights and his profound effect on the lives of millions, SOUL OF JUSTICE takes viewers through a thought -provoking and heart-wrenching cinematic experience, reverberating with the power of Henderson’s fearless efforts to make real the promise of the US Constitution for all citizens.

Ginzberg’s recent films include A TALE OF TWO CITIES (2005) which won a CINE Golden Eagle award and OPPORTUNITY OF A LIFETIME (2005), which were featured on KQED in October. Ginzberg has produced numerous award-winning films documenting the successes of programs for at-risk and underserved youth that deserve, but rarely get public attention. These films, whose “stars” include college bound low income students (VANGUARD IN THE VANGUARD), graduates of successful drug court programs(recovering lives, uncovering dreams), and AmeriCorps members (EVERYDAY HEROES). Without her sensitivity and her tenacity, these compelling stories would never be told.

Profiling another unsung hero of the legal profession, Ginzberg produced and directed DOING JUSTICE: The LIfe and Trials of Arthur Kinoy which portrayed civil rights lawyer Kinoy’s landmark cases which began with the Rosenbergs and continued through Watergate. The film has become a staple in law schools helping to inspire the next generation of “people’s lawyers.” The film won numerous national awards, including the Best of Festival from the Vermont International Film Festival, a CINE Golden Eagle, an ABA Silver Gavel and was screened at the Museum of Modern Art in NYC, the Oakland Museum, the Film Arts Festival and was televised on public television and Free Speech TV and aired on Democracy Now radio following Kinoy’s death. It was broadcast internationally in Australia and the United Kingdom.

Ginzberg’s interest in justice and her efforts to shine a spotlight on important legal themes stems from having started her career as an attorney. After practicing law for 10 years, she switched careers and has produced over 30 films. She has captured the stories of trailblazing women and minority judges and has made more than 10 films about discrimination in the legal profession.