Calendar Tips

The Berkeley Law Events calendar offers many tools to help you find and keep up-to-date with events at the school.

Searching for events

The search box in the top right allows you to perform keyword searches of the calendar.

For more search options, click the "Search" link to search by location or date, or to search individual calendars at the school.

Email reminders, etc.

When you click on an event title on the calendar grid, you'll get more details about the event, and an action menu appears to the right. With that menu, you can schedule email reminders for that event, email the event information to a friend or add the event to your personal calendar. 

Subscribing to a calendar

Clicking the Subscribe link on a calendar's front page allows you to create email notifications for new events on that calendar, or event changes and cancellations.

You can do this for both the main calendar and individual calendars.

Viewing events as a list

If you prefer to view events as a list instead of a grid, click the "List View'' link on the front page of any calendar. You can display lists for days, weeks or months.

Doing that will get you this: