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Boalt 3L Calls For U.S. Aid in Bringing Rule of Law to Sudan

Mark Massoud ’06, a third-year student at Boalt and a doctoral student in the Jurisprudence and Social Policy program, addressed the need for American policymakers to assist Sudan in rebuilding its commitment to the rule of law in a December 26 op-ed article in the San Francisco Chronicle. In “Revisiting Disasters Natural and Man-made: Returning the rule of law to Sudan,” Massoud draws on his experience conducting research in Sudan as part of the Rule of Law Unit of the United Nations Development Program. He concludes, “By pressuring the Sudanese government and by increasing aid to peacekeepers in Darfur and organizations that strive to build the rule of law in Sudan, America can help curtail violence in Darfur while also strengthening human rights throughout the country—helping to make Sudan one day a global model for transitional justice.”

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