Family Friendly Workplace Policies

The Family Friendly Workplace

CHEFS Projects

1. Improving Protections for Workers on Leave From Their Jobs

Faculty Research

Universal Insurance: Enhancing Economic Securty to Promote Opportunity, Jacob Hacker, Brookings, September 2006

A Defense of Paid Family Leave Gillian Lester, Harvard Journal of Law and Gender, vol 28

Let Employees Control Their Paid Time Off Stephen Sugarman, Knight-Ridder, 1999

Unemployment Insurance and Wealth Redistribution, Gillian Lester

Universal Risk Insurance, Jacob Hacker, Tobin Project, 2007

How Family Leave Laws Left Out Low-Income Workers, Ann O'Leary, Berkeley Journal of Employment and Labor Law, Volume 28, 2007


2. Supporting Workers in Flexible and Secure Jobs Faculty Research

Careers and Contingency Gillian Lester, Stanford Law Review, Vol. 51, No. 1 (Nov., 1998)

Good Government Workplace Flexibility Initiative

The federal government—both as the largest employer and the largest contracting agency in the United States—has the potential to serve as a model of family-friendly workplace practices, provide incentives to businesses to change their workplace policies, and create a tremendous ripple effect across the public and private sectors.  The purpose of this initiative is to determine whether and how the federal government might leverage its power to promote flexible family friendly workplace policies and practices in businesses that contract with the government.  Berkeley CHEFS proposes to research existing family-friendly policies and practices (or the lack of them) in the federal government and in businesses that contract with the government and to turn this research into concrete policy, regulatory or legislative proposals to improve flexible family-friendly policies and practices.


3. Work/Family Scholarship

Faculty Research

Mothers on the Fast Track: How a New Generation Can Balance Family and Careers,  Mary Ann Mason and Eve Mason Ekman , 2007

Bargaining in the Shadow of Social Institutions,   Catherine Albiston, Law and Society Review, March 2005

Institutional Perspectives on Law Work and Family,   Catherine Albiston, Annual Review of Law and Social Science, 2007