Health Security

Berkeley CHEFS advances research and policy solutions in the area of health care reform and delivery system reform, with a goal of universal health care and reform at the federal level, while supporting local and state efforts in the absence of federal action.



Cost Impact Analysis for the "Healthcare for America" Proposal
By the Lewin Group, for the Economic Policy Institute, March 15, 2008 
In this paper, the Lewin Group analyzes the "Health Care for America" proposal by CHEFS Founding Faculty Co-Director, Jacob S. Hacker.


A Mandate Isn’t Necessary 
By Jacob Hacker, The Los Angeles Times, February 26, 2008

Healing Our Sicko Health Care System,
By Jacob Hacker, The New England Journal of Medicine, August 23, 2007

Fighting Childhood Obesity Through Performance-Based Regulation of the Food Industry,
By Stephen D. Sugarman and Nirit Sandman, Duke Law Journal, May 22, 2007

Secret Weapon: The "New" Medicare as a Route to Health Security
By Mark Schlesinger and Jacob Hacker,  Journal of Health Politics, Policy and Law, April 2007 

Health Care for America: A proposal for guaranteeing affordable health care for all Americans building on Medicare and employment-based insurance
By Jacob Hacker,  The Economic Policy Institute, January 11, 2007 (EPI paper #180)

Other Relevant Publications

A Tear in the Safety Net: Hospitals Fail to Ensure Financial Assistance for Low-Income Californians
By Melissa Rodgers, The Health Consumer Alliance, November 9, 2006

Better Medicine: Fixing the Left’s Health-Care Prescription 
By Jacob Hacker, Slate Magazine, October 10, 2006

Sick and In Debt: Improper Practices that Cause Medical Debt for Low-Income Californians
ByMelissa Rodgers, The Health Consumer Alliance, September 2004

Denti-Cal Denied: Consumers' Experiences Accessing Dental Services in California's Medi-Cal Program
By Melissa Rodgers, The Health Consumer Alliance, January 2003