Police Reform from the Bottom Up


On Oct. 12 & 13, 2006, Boalt Hall hosted an international, multidisciplinary roundtable on the role of rank-and-file officers in police reform. The roundtable was co-sponsored by the Berkeley Center for Criminal Justice, the Center for the Study of Law & Society, and the Regulatory Institutions Network at Australian National University. For more information, contact either of the organizers--Dr. Monique Marks of ANU and the University of KwaZulu-Natal or Prof. David Alan Sklansky of Boalt Hall.

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U.C. Berkeley, City of Berkeley, East Bay, San Francisco

Conference Papers

Roy J. Adams, The Human Right of Police to Organize and Bargain Collectively (abstract, paper)

David H. Bayley, Police Reform: Who Done It? (paper)

Jan Berry, The Police Federation (abstract, paper)

Mark Bevir & Ben Krupicka, Police Reform, Governance, and Democracy (paper)

Mark Burgess, Police Unions in Australia (paper)

Devon Carbado, The Black Police (paper)

Ronald G. DeLord, Police Unions and Police Reform (abstract, paper)

Mark Finnane, No Longer a 'Workingman's Paradise'? Australian Police Unions and Political Action in a Changing Industrial Environment (abstract, paper)

Simon Holdaway, Black Police Associations in English and Welsh Constabularies: Organising for Change (paper)

Dale Kinnear, Do Not Be Afraid (abstract, paper)

Mpho Kwinika, Police Unions and Police Reform (paper)

William Ker Muir, Police and Social Democracy (paper)

Greg O'Connor, Police Unions--Buyers or Sellers (abstract, paper)

Maurice Punch, “Get Back in Your Kennel!” Representation, Consultation and “Voice” in Policing (paper)

George S. Rigakos, What Would Social Democratic Policing Look Like? Commentary on the Public-Private Divide (paper)

Wesley G. Skogan, Why Reforms Fail (abstract, paper)

Jerome H. Skolnick, Police Reform and the Enduring Features of Police Culture (paper)

David Thacher, Research for the Front Lines (abstract, paper)

Hans Toch, Police Officers as Change Agents in Police Reform (paper)

Samuel Walker, Why the Neglect of Police Unions? Exploring One of the Most Important Areas of American Policing (paper)

Paul Wilson, The Development and Role of a Black Police Association in the Wider Police Modernisation Agenda (paper)

Wellford W. Wilms, Devoloping Leadership to Sustain Community Safety: An Analysis of the Los Angeles Police Department (paper)

Jennifer Wood, Jenny Fleming & Monique Marks, Building the Capacity of Change Agents: The Nexus Policing Project (abstract, paper)

Todd Wuestewald, Brigitte Steinheider & Petra Saskia Bayerl, From the Bottom Up: Sharing Leadership in a Police Agency (abstract, paper)

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