Symposium Issue on the Sho Sato Memorial Conference on Japan, the United States, and Pacific Ocean Resources

Ecology Law Quarterly, Volume 16, Number 1 (1989)


Preface: Japan, the United States, and Pacific Ocean Resources, by Harry N. Scheiber

Memorial to Sho Sato, by Ira Michael Heyman

Japan, the United States, and the Pacific Since 1945: An Overview, by Akio Watanabe

Historical Perspectives

Origins of the Abstention Doctrine in Ocean Law: Japanese-U.S. Relations and the Pacific Fisheries, 1937-1958, by Harry N. Scheiber

In the Realm of Diplomacy and Fish: Some Reflections on the International Convention on High Seas Fisheries in the North Pacific Ocean and the Law of the Sea Negotiations, by William C. Herrington

Polar Resources

Antarctic Resources and International Law: Japan, the United States, and the Future of Antarctica,
by Robert Friedheim and Tsuneo Akaha

Japan and the Antarctic Treaty System, by Christopher C. Joyner

Emergence of a New Pacific Regime

The Emergence of a Regional Ocean Regime in the South Pacific, Biliana Cicin-Sain and Robert Knecht

The United States and Japan in Relation to the Resources, the Environment, and the People of the Pacific Island Region, by Jon M. Van Dyke

National and International Perspectives

Approaches to the Resolution of Atlantic and Pacific Ocean Problems, by Donald M. McRae

Pacific Resources and Ocean Law: A Latin American Perspective, by Eduardo Ferrero Costa

The U.S.-Korean Fishing Rights Dispute in the North Pacific Ocean, by Choon-ho Park

Japanese Environmental Law and Ocean Resources, by Nobuo Kumamoto

The European Community and the Pacific, by Gunter Weiss

National Power and Ocean Resources

Fishing in the Bering Sea Donut: Straddling Stocks and the New International Law of Fisheries,
by William T. Burke

International Sanctions, Ocean Management, and the Law of the Sea: A Study of Denial of Access to Fisheries, by David D. Caron

Concluding Address

Pacific Ocean Resources: The New Regionalism and the Global System, by Stefan Riesenfeld