Proceedings from the 2005 Sho Sato Conference in Honor of Takao Tanase

List of Tanase chapter titles (PDF)

Introduction (PDF)
Harry N. Scheiber, Law, University of California, Berkeley

Translating Tanase: Challenging Paradigms of Japanese Law and Society (PDF)
Luke Nottage, Law, University of Sydney

Comparing Japanese and American Approaches to Parental Rights: A Comment On, and Appreciation of, the Work of Takao Tanase (PDF)
Ira Mark Ellman, Law, Arizona State University

On the Routinization of Tort Claims: Takao Tanase’s “The Management of Disputes” (PDF)
Robert A. Kagan, Law, University of California Berkeley

Comments on Professor Takao Tanase’s “Invoking Law as Narrative: Lawyer’s Ethics and the Discourse of Law” (PDF)
Norman Spaulding, Law, Stanford University

Takao Tanase, Japanese Litigiousness, and “Taking Kawashima Seriously” (PDF)
Tom Ginsburg, Law and Political Science, University of Illinois

Comments on the Collected Writings of Takao Tanase: Modernism (PDF)
Marianne Constable, Rhetoric, University of California, Berkeley

Comments on the Theme of Modernism in the Work of Takao Tanase (PDF)
Andrew Barshay, History, University of California, Berkeley