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Postgraduate Fellowships

Many deadlines for postgraduate project-based fellowships land early in the Fall semester, and deadlines for organization based fellowships fall throughout the Fall and into Spring.  The most comprehensive online resource for identifying fellowship opportunities is (online registration required – but its free).  In addition, PSLawNet provides a very useful, updated calendar of Fellowship deadlines, and a fellowship guide, both available under the “Postgraduate Fellowships” link on the left hand side of the home page.  You can also search for fellowship opportunities in the b-Line, by choosing “Post-Graduate Fellowship” or “Fellowship Sponsor” option from the “Position Type” pulldown menu.  Visit the Post-Graduate Fellowships page of the CDO website for additional information and helpful links, including the CDO’s online publication “Public Interest Fellowships and Funders.

In addition, Linda Maranzana is available to assist you in all steps of the Fellowship application process, from identifying opportunities, to reviewing application materials, to preparing for interviews.  Please feel free to call, email or set up an appointment with her.