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Transcripts for OCIP

Second-year students can pick up their transcripts, which have been automatically printed by the Registrar, in Room 789 of Simon Hall.  The earlier you are able to pick up your transcript, the more time you will have to request corrections/changes to address any material inaccuracies.  Because all changes/corrections have to go through the main campus registrar, the process may take several days.  The CDO has been informed that, after Tuesday, August 19th, there would be little chance that any corrections/changes could be processed by the main campus registrar in time for any August 25th interviews you may have.

Third-year students need to order a transcript from the Registrar by no later than 4PM on August 18th.  There is no fee for this copy.  Email the Registrar from your @berkeley email account and addressed to:   The subject line should include the words "OCIP transcript request."   You can pick them up in the Registrar's office on the next business day after your request.  Requests for changes/corrections need to be received by the Registrar by the end of the day on August 19th.

Keep in mind that OCIP employers are interested in reviewing your transcript essentially for the purpose of determining how well you did in the courses that you have completed.  By and large, they are not interested in the classes in which you are enrolling (or have enrolled) for the coming semester.  Accordingly, you should not be concerned about going into an OCIP interview with a transcript that may not reflect last-minute changes/additions/deletions in your course enrollment.  The key data that must be accurate for them are your grades.