Starting Fall 2006, grades will be available on the Web at Bear Facts within a few days of faculty submitting grades. Grades will not be available on Bear Facts for students with any kind of registration blocks.

Information About Grades

How can I find out my grades?

You can look them up at BearFacts.

What is the quickest way to learn my grades?

The quickest way to find out your grades is to check your unofficial transcript or prior term grades on BearFacts. Grades should be available on official transcripts in early February for Fall and mid-July for Spring.


All About Incompletes

What is an Incomplete?

An incomplete is a permanent grade. The grade will always show up on your transcript. Keep this in mind when thinking about taking an incomplete. Incompletes reflect that you have not completed the work for a class by the end of a semester, and you were granted extra time by the professor and the administration to complete your work by a specified time.

How do I request an Incomplete?

You can pick up a Request for an Incomplete form here at the Registrar's Office. Then you need to have the form signed by the professor of the class you wish to take an incomplete. Once you have a signature, bring the form to the Office of the Registrar for processing. Be sure to get the form turned in by the due date listed.

How long do I have to complete an incomplete?

You generally have 3 months to complete an incomplete. The deadline for the Fall Semester is March 31, and for the Spring semester it is August 31. If it will take longer to complete the work, you must have the petition signed by the Dean of Students, Victoria Ortiz.

Help! I need longer to complete my work than the 3 months I signed up for!

This is a phrase we hear so often we have created a separate form for it. You can find the Petition to Extend an Incomplete on the back of the Incomplete Petition. You must get the form signed by your professor and the Dean of Students. All incompletes taken in a student's second year must be completed no later than December 1st of a student's third year. Incompletes taken in the Fall of a student's third year must be completed by May 1.

I've finished my work. How do I get a grade?

Congratulations! Now you have to fill out the Petition for Grade and Units in an Incomplete Course, otherwise known as the Petition to Remove an Incomplete. You can pick it up at the Registrar's Office. There is a $5.00 FEE for processing your incomplete request, which you can pay here at the Registrar's Office by check or exact change. Pick up the petition, pay the $5.00 fee, fill out the petition, and then you must then have your professor sign the petition. This is how we know you have indeed completed the work. Then you or the professor must return the form to the Registrar's Office. It is YOUR responsibility to get this paperwork to us. If you are a graduating third year, it is URGENT that we receive those forms by May 1. You will not be able to graduate until we know you have completed your work in this course.