Modifying Your Email

For Outlook/Outlook Express

This tutorial shows you how modify a Boalt email account that has already been set up on your home computer on Outlook Express. You will need to use this tutorial if you can receive Boalt email messages but cannot send from your Boalt account.

If you would like to check your email at home without setting up an email client, you can use Webmail, Boalt's web-based email system.

1. Open up Outlook Express. Go to Tools > Accounts.
The configuration of Outlook and Outlook Express is the same.

2. Click on the Mail tab, if it isn't already selected. The following window will appear. Click on your Boalt mail account.
Your Boalt mail account may be named something else.

3. Click on the Properties button on the right.
The following window will appear.

4. Click on the Servers tab on top. Check the "My server requires authentication" checkbox on the bottom. Click on the Settings button.

5. Choose "Use same settings as my incoming mail server". Click OK.

6. Click on the Advanced tab on top. Check "This server requires a secure connection (SSL)" for both Outgoing mail and Incoming mail. This option will provide you with more secure email.

7. Click OK to the Properties window and close out of the Options window to finish.