Telephone Access for New Users

When accessing your voice mailbox for the first time you will be prompted to complete a Quick Set Up. This set up must be completed before you can begin listening to any new messages callers may have left you.  If you need your password reset, please email phones@law.berkeley.edu and a Temporary Security Code will be generated.

Cal Voicemail Quick Set Up:

If you are calling from the same desk phone

  1. Access the voice mail system by dialing 3-5530
  2. When the system begins speaking, enter your Temporary Security Code
  3. Enter a New security code (Note: You may not use your 7-digit mailbox number, sequential digits (1234) or repeating digits (1111).)
  4. Follow the prompts to set up your mailbox

If you are calling from another campus telephone

  1. Dial 3-5530, when your hear "Enter your Security Code", PRESS the * key.
  2. Wait for the system to prompt you to enter your Mailbox number.
  3. Enter your mailbox as your full 7-digit telephone number.
  4. Enter your Security Code

 If you are calling from a cell phone or off campus phone

  1. Dial 510-643-5530, the system will prompt you to enter your Mailbox number
  2. Enter your mailbox as your full 7-digit telephone number.
  3. Enter your Security Code

Please refer to the Cal Voicemail Quick Reference Chart for a quick view of the keys used for managing your mailbox.

Changing Your Passcode

We recommend that you change your password for security purposes. Dial 3-5530 to access the Cal voicemail system. From the Main Menu:

  1. Press [3] for Phone Manager
  2. Press [1] for Personal Options
  3. Press [4] to change your Security Code
  4. Enter a new Security Code between 4 to 15 digits long, followed by [ #]
  5. Confirm your new Security Code by entering it again, followed by [#]    The voice prompts will walk you through the process.

Changing Your Name and Personal Greeting

Your Personal Greeting plays when you are unable to answer calls. To change your recorded name and greeting dial 510-643-5530 to access the Cal voicemail system.

From the Main Menu:

To record or change your Personal Greeting:

  1. Press [3,1,3] to select Greetings
  2. Press [2] to record a Personal Greeting

Your current recording will play, followed by these options

  1. Press [2] to make a New recording
  2. Press [4] to Discard current recording
  3. Press [*] to Quit

For more information about voicemail, please visit http://calvm.berkeley.edu/