Cell Phone Rental Information

UCB members are able to rent cellular phones from Campus IS&T for the following fees.

  • Monthly cell phone rental cost is $24.50 (no proration)
  • The cost of the monthly calling plan is approximately $30.00 to $40.00.
  • Cost for international usage - Standard international rates apply

Please click here for more info.


  • Rental of selected CNS Wireless Cellular Phones comes with battery and standard charger.
  • One-month minimum charge on a month to month basis for equipment rental
  • Six-month maximum
  • Currently offering ATT/Cingular service plans for International use and Verizon service plans for Domestic use.

Please allow 2 weeks to process international cell phone rental requests.
Please allow 1 week to process domestic cell phone rental requests.

If you would like to order a rental cellular phone, please email phones@law.berkeley.edu with the following information. Please make sure you obtain the approval of the appropriate supervisor before sending the order email.

  • Your name
  • Room number
  • Please specify Domestic or International phone/service plan
  • Travel Dates (if international)
  • Chartstring